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About Counselling

In counselling you can expect to be accepted and valued for who you are. Counselling is an empowering process in which a person is helped to take control of their life, fulfil their potential and increase their sense of well being. It is about helping you to make sense of your thoughts and feelings so that you can then make decisions about what to do to bring about change in your life.

Counselling offers a safe, confidential space where you can talk freely and openly about your life, looking at difficulties and problems that you may be experiencing. It can help you talk about what may be painful or confusing and help you make sense of overwhelming feelings such as anger, unhappiness, anxiety or equally absense of feelings.

What Conditions Can it Help?

People come into counselling for many reasons and you don't have to fit into one particular category. You may just be feeling stuck or have a sense of unease that life could be better and would benefit from talking it through. You may have symptoms of depression or be feeling lost or isolated and unable to have a sense of direction or find meaning in your life.

What Benefits can be Expected?

* increased self esteem and confidence
* improved sense of well being
* improved strategies and skills for coping with difficulties
* understanding and managing anger
* feeling happier
* healing trauma
* finding ways to cope with major life changes

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