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Children and young people communicate all the time but not always through words. Sometimes children and young people communicate their difficulties and distress through behaviour.

Behaviours which may indicate that a child or young person is in distress might include being especially tearful, becoming quiet and withdrawn, being angry and continuously disruptive or bullying. In some children indicators may include the onset of eating disorders or acts of self harm, lack of self care or risk taking.

At times it can be hard for parents and carers to access therapeutic support for their child as they may feel it is their responsibility to alleviate their child’s distress but there are occasions when support can be beneficial.

Counselling can have a positive impact on the way that children experience their home and school lives. It can help children and young people make sense of their thoughts and feelings, it can help them make decisions to bring about change, it can help find coping mechanisms and help build their resilience. It can help a child or a young person feel less isolated by sharing worries and concerns which may be overwhelming. It can help build confidence and improve self esteem. It can also help a child or a young person talk about what is painful or making them feel angry and unhappy in a safe environment where they will not be judged, so that they can be helped to work through their difficulties.

I provide a safe space for children and young people in which they will

* be listened to
* be respected
* be accepted
* not be judged
* be valued for who they are
* given choices.

Children and young people come to counselling with a broad range of difficulties including:

* bullying
* losing someone close
* feeling low and depressed
* unhealthy eating habits
* stress
* family relationships
* past traumas
* panic attacks
* self harm
* suicidal feelings
* lack of confidence
* physical or sexual abuse

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